Mission statement

Ria Burns Knitwear aims to champion the natural hues and qualities of British wool, incorporating vibrant flashes of colour through hand dyeing with native and foraged plants.

Inspired by the conflict between the natural and the man-made, this translates into a knitwear collection that is an antidote to fast fashion, designed for longevity and made to be cherished, looked after and passed on.

Ria is continually working on ways in which her pieces can be produced more sustainably and has a three point action plant to work from - local plants, local wool, local production.


Local plants

Ria forages for plants in her local area when they are in season and abundance, as well as purchasing native dried plant materials and extracts from an organic supplier.

Work has begun on an organic dye garden in her back garden - Ria has a long term goal to work exclusively with plants that she has grown herself, ensuring full traceability and sustainability.

Local wool

All Ria Burns Knitwear pieces are knitted in 100% British wool sourced from British farms and mills.

By Autumn 2019, all yarn will be traceable back to a single holistic eco farm in the Mendip Hills, 15 miles away from Ria’s studio. A bespoke woollen spun yarn for machine knitting has just arrived at Ria’s studio and she has begun new work using this soft lofty, yarn.



local production

All knitwear is produced in house by Ria in her Bristol studio, knitted on domestic hand powered knitting machines before being washed and finished by hand.

Should the business expand, Ria will work with local knitters, and would also like to start a training scheme for local young people to learn how to machine knit.

Swing tag, labels and other promotional materials are produced by a local print company on recycled card stock (which Ria collects by bicycle!).