how it’s made

An overview of the average making process for a Ria Burns Knitwear piece - the process from start to finish can take up to two weeks, depending on the materials, plants and methods used.

Step 1: dyeing

Before the knitting happens, it’s time to dye the yarn. (if the piece is undyed, skip to step 2: knitting)

but before the yarn is dyed, the yarn must be prepared.

this means that Ria winds the yarn off cones and into hanks. then scours (washes) in a launrdy soap on the hob.

this is left to cool before rinsing.

the next stage is mordanting - a process to help the dye stick to the fibre. ria’s preferred mordant is alum, ….. some natural dyes do not need mordant e.g. indigo or ones with a high tannin content e.g. walnut. using the lowe energy cool method, it’s left to sit for a couple of days before the next process

Step 2: knitting

These are manual knitting machines (the oldest one is the same age as Ria!) - despite it being a ‘machine’ and st