Brand Development

To develop branding, several fonts were tested. At this stage I was unsure as to whether to re-brand from RB Knitwear to Ria Burns, so both options were used. Notes were made and fonts that didn't work were eliminated.

The brand tagline or value statement was then added: 'British Wool knitwear and accessories, naturally dyed with foraged and sustainably grown plants', with more fonts trialled.

Sketches taken from botanical drawings of common dye plants such as indigo and weld were made, with the decision to use a sketch of the indigo plant as the main image on the branding (swing tags etc). There is scope to use illustrations of other plants depending on which plant was used to dye the garment/accessory.

Once the decision was made to re-brand to Ria Burns was made and the primary and secondary font selected, the text and illustrations were laid out in Photoshop in a variety of sizes. The Latin name for indigo was added next to the illustration to reinforce the naturally dyed aspect.

Burns, R. 2018.  Brand Development 5.  Photograph.

Burns, R. 2018. Brand Development 5. Photograph.

Samples were printed onto recycled Kraft card and a mock-up made, with website and a call to action via the Instagram logo added. this design will get professionally printed during the master project, with business cards, woven labels and care instructions also made to have consistency across the brand.



  • Burns, R. 2018. Brand Development 1- 5. Photograph.