Future Fabrics Expo

The Future Fabrics Expo is an annual event run by The Sustainable Angle, is:

"a platform to discover more sustainable textiles and innovations for the future of fashion, to learn more about the efforts of global textile mills to design, manufacture, and function more sustainably; and to extend networks in the fashion and textile industries." (The Sustainable Angle, 2018).

I had visited when I was sourcing materials for my degree collection, and so I thought I would visit again to see the latest trends and developments in sustainable fabrics. There was a new yarn section this year, although it was quite small. I imagine it will grow over time like the rest of the fabric selection, which is huge!

I could only make the special 'students only' afternoon, which unfortunately meant I wasn't allowed to take any photos as it was prior to the main event starting. and it was encouraging to see so many students interested in producing work sustainably.