Gerhard Richter's Cage Series

Wilkinson, J. 2016. Cage (1) - (6). [Online]. [Accessed .... 2017] Available from:

While I was wandering around the Tate Modern on the 11th, I encountered a room full of paintings by Gerhard Richter. Titled 'Cage (1)-(6)' , the series consists of 6 large canvasses with an unusual application of paint. Guy Tosatto in Gerhard Richter: 100 Pictures describes the technique as such:

"he systematically registers the effect of the wooden rulers used to scrape the surface of the still-wet paint. The practice of scraping allows him to erase all the traces of the various brushes he employs, giving the picture an undefinable appearance, halfway between a painting and an image of a painting." (1996, p12)

I think I was initially drawn to these paintings in particular due to the sheer scale of them, and the fact that there were six displayed in the same room.  They also have a similar colour palette to my photographs of Islay, and so they made me think about different ways I could make marks in my sketchbook, which could lead onto potential designs.