Aims and objectives

Following on from the mindmapping of last week - I have honed down my research topic (for now, anyway) to the use of natural dyes and their supposed sustainability. I expect my aims, objectives and methodologies may change as the project progresses.

My current creative practice involves investigating the sustainable use of natural dyes in knitting, and so my possible aim for this module is to discover how textile designers, makers and artists incorporate these dyes into their work, and whether it is a genuinely sustainable approach to dyeing yarn. I will investigate the historical use of these dyes and their application, as well as contemporary techniques, in order to build up a practical library of samples to complement my contextual research. My methodology will be a practice-led approach, using critical inquiry to gather existing knowledge and opinion.


To look at the use of natural dyes in textiles (in design and art) in a historical and contemporary context.


  1. To investigate whether using natural dyes is a truly sustainable alternative to chemical dyes
  2. To learn new dye techniques and applications
  3. To use the new knowledge and skills in my studio practice